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AG-S01 Building Fast Gate
Automatic Gate Machine

The AG-S01 product is a pathway gate for real-time control and control of passing persons at the entrance by adopting the latest mechatronic control technology and advanced sensor anti-tail detection system. The product can realize a quick, smooth and high efficiency let-through capability. The design takes the appearance structure made of AISI304 stainless steel, advanced Acryl gate and wing glass and complete transparent brilliant style, inheriting classical square hand rail, perfectly merging into high-end and fashionable building, presenting very well the charm of the building and bringing out the best in each other.

AG-S01 control logic always insists the design concept of "Safe, Reliable and People First" for the security, believes that the safety of pedestrian is always at the first place, and considers the safe and convenient let-through experience.

The style of appearance design is classical, fashionable, transparent and beautiful. The complicated multi-passing logics can be judged intelligently. The multi-safety protection mechanism are taken. After the power-off, the gate wing can be opened by self-owned mechanical driving power, which is an unique patent technology. AG-S01 is definitely the best choice on the design of control solution for pedestrian entrance.

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