• Automatic Gate Machine
  • Automatic Gate Machine
AG-T02 Automatic Gate Machine
Automatic Gate Machine

AG-T02 tripod turnstile adopts the mechatronic control technology, designed based on a stable, reliable, economic and practical principles, specially made for control of economic entrances, applicable for checking-in areas at entrances of cinemas, venues, scenic spots and so on, and realizing the checking-in control between the paid zone and the non-paid zone. The appearance design is fashionable and beautiful, equipped with children barrier-free way, offering clients with a humanized checking-in solution.

AG-T02 supports reading of VIP card and barcode and the like various checking-in. The rod for this gate has unique anti-reverse function, and also simple level of anti-tail capability during single let-through; the rod falls once the power is off, and raises after the power is on, without manual interference. The patent of unique magnetic positioning technology is authorized. The entire machine is more silent during let-through and operation.

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